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In 1921 Achille Lecocq sr. sets up his own aroma company in Hasselt, the pre-eminent jenever city, where he had previously worked in a jenever distillery. 

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Four generations

Today, four generations later, we continue to innovate. The Lecocq family is still the proud owner of Lecocq Flavours, and we have amassed even more and broader know-how over the years. We have also expanded our applications to serve the food industry in general. Thanks to our passion and expertise, we have grown to become a leading international player and a producer of top-quality products.

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Herb bank

The heart of our company is our herb bank, which contains over 150 herbs and plants from diverse regions. But our search for high-quality flavourings extends further, and we have created completely new flavour experiences using innovative combinations of specific nutritional elements. This means that we are also continually on the lookout for new base products and production options that will enable us to respond to the needs of an evolving market.

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Specifically designed flavourings

90% of our products are created according to the specific needs of our customers. At Lecocq Flavours, we think along with our customers and are happy to be part of developing new products. Moreover, we pride ourselves on quick, flexible service and post-sales assistance.

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