Our expertise covers many areas such as co-creation, customer support, consulting and partnerships.

R&D department

The R&D department is the company's growth engine. Lecocq continuously invests in the expansion of the R&D department. We invest in technology and in human capital.

CEO Olivier Lecocq: “Our lab enables us to develop our extensive range of flavours to the maximum. Over the years, we have amassed more than 12,000 recipes. This is the distinguishing asset our R&D department brings. The know-how and expertise allows us to develop even more refined flavours, and to produce to our customers’ demands.” It is this know-how and expertise that sets us apart in the market.

Business Manager Eveline Sticker: “In recent years, we have made significant strides with our lab and our R&D department. In doing so, we are increasingly focused on market-driven development. Our assets are expertise, flexibility, speed, bespoke services and co-creation.”



Lecocq Flavours is committed to co-creation. 90% of our flavourings production is bespoke work to the customer’s wishes. Together with the customers, we will develop until the right - and the very best - flavour has been created.”

Business Manager Eveline Sticker: “We always start from our basic recipes and adapt those when we co-create. Each aroma is unique. Once our recipe is to the customer’s taste preference, we start the dialogue and continue developing until the flavour is completely on point. The customer’s feedback is important in this process.”

* Confidentiality and discretion about you and your recipes are very important to us. If required, Lecocq Flavours will set up NDA contracts (non-disclosure agreements).


Lecocq Flavours can also set up partnerships with customers to achieve more efficient operations and optimise the unburdening during the production process. We can also offer consulting on the above to labs and companies.

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