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Outstanding range

Do you need a hint of fruity strawberry or a rich touch of coffee liqueur? With Lecocq Flavours, you can select just the right flavourings for your product, easily and quickly. Prepare to be amazed by the countless options available.

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Made your choice? We will deliver your products to you as quickly as possible. We want you to be just as satisfied with our delivery as you are with our flavourings.

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When flavours are refined, colours should be attractive too. Lecocq Flavours uses natural and synthetic colourings in powder and liquid form. Our delicious flavourings will ensure that your products excel in quality, uniqueness and colour.

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Alcoholic beverages - Aroma's Lecocq

Alcoholic beverages

Flavourings make all the difference. This is particularly true with regard to alcoholic beverages. From liqueurs to spirits to beers, Lecocq Flavours can help you develop outstanding and flavourful products.

Non-alcoholic beverages - Aroma's Lecocq

Non-alcoholic beverages

From lemonade and juice emulsions to flavoured water and a range of syrups, flavourings can transform an non-alcoholic beverage into a unique, distinctive experience.

Distilates & infusions - Aroma's Lecocq

Distillates & infusions

We use traditional and artisanal processes when working with over 150 herbs and plants, striving for the most effective transformation from solid to liquid form. 

Confectionery & chocolates - Aroma's Lecocq

Confectionary & chocolate

Your chocolates and other sweet treats will be a taste sensation thanks to Lecocq Flavours.

Diary Industry - Aroma's Lecocq


Lecocq Flavours develops flavourings for the dairy industry for use in milk drinks, yoghurt, ice-cream and all kinds of desserts. There are now more options than ever for creating products that are both healthy and tasty.

Pharmacy - Aroma's Lecocq


With both liquid and solid variants available, the ability of our flavourings to mask unpleasant-tasting ingredients opens up new possibilities for the pharmaceutical sector.

Pet food - Aroma's Lecocq

Animal feed

From cattle feed to bait, enhanced palatability of animal feeds is a proven way to increase effectiveness in a range of applications.

Dyes - Aroma's Lecocq


Lecocq Flavours uses natural and synthetic colourings.  

Smaak op maat - Aroma's Lecocq

Made-to-measure flavours

Our R&D team can develop a flavour just for you.

Flavour lab

For a taste of how we work?

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