Red in Food Industry, website and magazine for the food industry, November 2022

Lecocq Flavours is an international flavouring manufacturer of 4 generations young for the food and beverage sector. Lecocq Flavours helps B2B customers find the right flavour for their final product thanks to their hundreds of recipes and always do so in co-creation. Each flavour is unique. In fact, 90% of production is custom-made. Every day, Lecocq Flavours from Zonhoven passionately works on new developments and guarantees quality and craftsmanship.

Lecocq Flavours has been flavouring chocolate, among other things, for generations. It does so worldwide for various chocolate producers. So Lecocq Flavours has been your partner for the right chocolate flavour for decades. The flavour company responds quickly and flexibly to seasonal flavours. The flavour company is also active in the sector of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, dairy products, confectionery and patisserie, among others. Infusions, distillates and finished drinks are also produced here.  

Tradition, craft, innovation, flexibility and co-creation are the trump cards here. And knowledge, of course, as Lecocq Flavours has more than 12,500 recipes at its disposal. CEO Olivier Lecocq and Business Manager Eveline Sticker are the pillars of the growing company, which incidentally celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2021.

CEO Olivier Lecocq: "We are an innovative family company and have had strong expertise in flavourings for the chocolate industry, among others, for many years. We are a regular supplier for chocolate manufacturers and chocolatiers at home and abroad." 

Business Manager Eveline Sticker: "We handle a lot of requests to give chocolate and chocolate fillings the desired flavour touch. In doing so, we follow the trends in the world of chocolate very closely. It is changing faster and faster and that is what makes it so fascinating. We are now seeing the rise of Marshmallow and Guimauve flavours, for example. Cheesecake flavours and caramel with sea salt, for example, are also in high demand. Toasted and caramelised hazelnut are also popping up a lot. With winter approaching, peppermint flavour and Mandarin are also popular. Chocolate-based tobacco and smoked flavours are also trending. So there are many flavours we can offer quickly."

"What sets us apart is our approach and our co-creation, we will taper off with our customers until we have the right flavour and aroma. This personalised approach is important to us. That's what sets us apart from the rest."

CEO Olivier Lecocq:  "Our R&D department is the heart of our company. The list of flavours we can provide is very extensive. We notice that more and more flavours are requested. This is possible because we invest in innovation, quality, competences and food safety standards. In that context, our BRC label is an added bonus. Recently, our BRC certificate was renewed and we achieved the highest score namely AA+, our highest score ever. (Last year's score was AA).

Thanks to our extensive team of lab technicians, we can move very quickly and efficiently and develop the right flavours. In addition, our tradition, culture and experience are a big plus. We know the chocolate sector very well. With more than 100 years of flavour experience, Lecocq Flavours has the right knowledge in-house for the one and only chocolate experience."