Who? Who? Eveline Sticker, business manager at Lecocq Flavours What? Flavour and aroma producer Team leader since? August 2022 Biggest challenges? "I finally have a clear overview of what is in the pipeline.
Wat? Smaak- en aromaproducent
Teamleader sinds? Augustus 2022
Grootste uitdagingen? “Ik heb nu eindelijk een duidelijk overzicht van wat er op stapel staat.

With some 12,000 different flavourings, Zonhoven-based Lecocq Flavours is one of the big players in the international flavour market. For 101 years, they have been adding flavour to gin, cakes, cognac, ice cream and more. In Hasselt, but just as well in Africa. Unique flavours then. "90% of our range is custom-made, it really is a co-creation with the customer," knows Eveline Sticker, business manager at the Limburg flavour maker for 4 years. "That happens in the laboratory, the engine of the company. Production is also still done in-house."

"Continue to grow further"

Lecocq Flavours has grown steadily in recent years, "We intend to maintain and strengthen that in the coming years by investing in innovation technology and human capital."

Increased commercial efforts also play a role in the growth. "We have become much more visible: through social media, trade show visits and the press, which could clearly highlight our 100th anniversary in 2021 smaken.”

To keep up with that growth and regain an overview of ongoing projects, a solid CRM package was necessary. "If you don't remember which samples have been sent to customers, you can't follow them up either," he says.

"Overview at last"

Growing is fun, until you lose track. "At one point, we no longer knew clearly what we were doing. Thanks to Teamleader Focus, everyone from the lab assistant to sales support can keep track of the workflow."

"In Dealfases, we can see which stage a Deal is in by means of bullet points on a timeline. 3 weeks after a sample is sent, for example, we have to knock on the customer's door for follow-up. Is he satisfied? Or does the flavour still need some changes? In that case, the ball in our deal follow-up moves back to the development phase. That's very efficient."

It really is an important tool that facilitates our project follow-up.

"I now always have a clear overview of what is in the running. I can see when a deal has been won or lost. It's a really important tool that facilitates project follow-up for us."

From January '23, they will switch to an additional ERP package for production. "From there, invoices and stock will be monitored. But it lacks the follow-up flow we like so much in Teamleader, as well as synchronisation with Outlook."

"Teamleader Focus strengthens our commercial approach"

To improve their customer service, Eveline also relies on Teamleader Focus. Coachall also segments contacts by sector for them. "They link those segments with Mailchimp, so they can send targeted marketing emails to their customers based on sectors."

Thanks to the link with MailChimp, they can send targeted marketing emails to customers based on sectors.

Another link in Teamleader Focus that makes Lecocq Flavours customer service customised is the one with Outlook. "In Teamleader Focus, the mail history with your customers is maintained. This allows me to see all preferences and any order history and allows us to be very customer-centric."

"Mapping leads easily"

"New leads I meet at a trade fair, our sales support puts them into our system with one click. I can immediately indicate specifications: where did I meet them, through which colleague and so on."

Thanks to the integration with LeadInfo, we can turn anonymous website visitors into potential customers.

But they also get visibility of their leads online. "In our case, Teamleader Focus is linked to LeadInfo: this allows us to turn anonymous website visitors into potential customers." That integration also records the behaviour of leads and customers on our website."

"Insights we didn't have before"

Besides overviews of all current projects, sample requests and customer data, Lecocq Flavours also gets insights from Teamleader Focus. "We now see how many samples leave per month or per quarter, how many of them lead to an order, and how much that costs us. Before, we had much less visibility of that." And those insights can be used to further steer Lecocq Flavours towards growth.

Source: https://www.teamleader.be/nl-be/blog/testimonial-lecocq-flavours