CEO Olivier Lecocq: “Developing flavours has been in our DNA for more than 100 years. We have a lot of knowledge and experience since 1921. Dealing with knowledge and experience requires a modern approach. That is why we are putting even more effort into our R&D department. We are delighted to be in the third edition of 'Flanders is Making' in the company of very prominent manufacturing compan

Business Manager Eveline Sticker: “Lecocq Flavours is now putting more effort into its R&D department where co-creation with the customer is distinctive. As a manufacturing company, we go along with the latest technological developments so that we can literally make and offer even more, better and faster flavours.”

“Making flavours and aromas requires a new smart and entrepreneurial approach with highly qualified staff. We combine tradition with innovation to create more impact on the Belgian market, but also on our foreign markets. We also notice abroad that the 'Made in Belgium' spirit is a tasty trump card.” 

spirit is a tasty trump card.” “We are in this third international edition with many of our partners such as Pieter Stockmans, Chocoladehuis Boon and Koen Vanmechelen with whom we work closely. That is why we certainly support the initiative of Flanders is Making to focus even more on the Flemish manufacturing industry and become even more competitive.”

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