Lecocq is the flavour specialist par excellence in Belgium and worldwide. en wereldwijd.

Co-creation, thinking together and giving the right advice to the customer are our main priorities.

Business partner Eveline Lecocq: "We always start from our basic recipes obtained through our years of expertise. If our recipe is not 100% in line with the customer's taste preference for his end product, we will develop it further in consultation with the client until the taste is just right. Feedback from the customer is important for this. Achieving the right flavour requires co-creation with our customers so that they really do get the right aromas and distillates. We think that is important and that is what we very much like to do."

"An example: we have a lot of different aromas of strawberries. It's not like a customer only gets three samples of strawberry aroma. No, we quickly seek dialogue until the flavour is right. Flavouring is co-creation with us."