Just a little longer and we'll be craving a cool ice cream in the shade again. The days when everyone wanted a classic vanilla ice cream are over. Traditional flavours like strawberry, banana, pistachio and chocolate still stand, but consumers and ice cream manufacturers want much more. Not only flavour, but fashion trends are also playing a role when eating ice cream this summer.

For years, Lecocq Flavours has been providing the ultimate taste experience in ice cream and sorbet. But what are the novelties now? The range of ice cream flavours is constantly widening and customers want exclusive and trendier flavours. The new 'mainstream' ice cream trends are, on the one hand, the more common variants of classic ice cream flavours such as chocolate brownie, marshmallow, oreo and hazelnut. On the other hand, there is a flavour style break.

Flavour preferences in ice creams are becoming more special and are trending. Healthy flavours such as chilli, black pepper, ginger and saffron or the green matcha are in. Salted caramel with coarse sea salt has been a favourite in this regard for a while. But it goes even further, what about brown butter with almond? Or one step further. Savoury flavours such as asparagus sorbet and asparagus cream ice cream we are increasingly supplying to ice cream manufacturers during the asparagus season.

Ube ice cream where taste meets fashion trends

Taste remains important, but consumers also want innovation. A good example is the beautiful green of matcha ice cream, or how about black ice cream. Colour your ice cream with carbon dye and you get black ice. But the latest trend is definitely Ube, say purple ice. Ube ice is where fashion, taste and passion merge.

Ube is also sometimes called the purple sweet potato. This purple carrot is commonly eaten in Asia and America, but is not yet well known to us. Ube plays an important role in sweet dishes such as cakes and also ice cream. Purple Ube ice cream has a slightly sweet taste, a little nutty. And purple is the fashion trend colour of 2023. So Ube ice cream is photogenic and an ideal dessert to kick off a sultry summer evening. Tasty, trendy and a summer feeling in your mouth. That certainly tastes like more.