Quality management

At Lecocq Flavours, we prioritise the quality of the aromas. We can guarantee their quality because we make strict choices when selecting our raw materials. To this end, we impose a demanding quality management system.

We have achieved the highest scores on our BRC certificates for years. BRC stands for British Retail Consortium and is a highly respected global standard for food safety.


BRC Label

Lecocq Flavours voldoet aan de internationale eisen van ‘BRC Food Safety Certification’. Hiermee krijg je de zekerheid dat jouw aroma’s voldoen aan de veiligheidsvoorschriften voor voeding. Onze score van de ‘BRC Food Safety Certification’ is AA  (is de hoogste score).

Click here for the BRC certificate (PDF)



Lecocq Flavours’ aromas are approved for the Kosher declaration. This means development and production are done in a correct, legal, reliable manner.

Sustainable & Ethical Business

At Lecocq Flavours, we follow the principle ‘A sustainable product starts with sustainable ingredients’.


Lecocq Flavours refuses to participate in animal cruelty. We do not test on animals and we do not use any animal byproducts.

BIO label

Organic certified by BE-BIO-03 voor volgende activiteiten:

– Activiteit: Bereiding
– Alcoholische dranken
– Ethyl alcohol
– Vanille aroma

Klik hier voor het BIO-certificaat (PDF)

“A sustainable product starts with

a sustainable ingredient”