The Japanese citrus fruit Yuzu is not only refreshing, but this sister of the lemon is also softer than a lemon and has a more subtle flavour. Yuzu is slightly spicy and pungent. The fruit is native to the Far East (China, Korea and Japan). Internationally, the Yuzu flavour is one of the most trending flavours at the moment. Yuzu adds a lot of flavour to chocolate, yuzu ice cream, yuzu cocktails and can also be used for a fresh beer.

Flavour bomb

The richness of the citrus fruit Yuzu is mainly in its peel and juice. The peel contains a lot of flavour and fragrance. The fruit has many seeds and a very powerful juice. The flavour is a unique combination of lime, lemon and with sweet overtones of tangerine. A targeted dosage of the Yuzu aroma is often enough to give your sweet or savoury products more depth.

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