Summer is coming and then Matcha is a flavour that does match.

The delicious Matcha ice cream (matcha ice cream) is not only extremely popular in Japan, but so here too. Green tea ice cream is popping up more and more during beach holidays or on a cool terrace.

It is notable for its special green colour (due to the chlorophyll of the dried Matcha leaves) and its unique flavour, which has a somewhat savoury, sweet and sometimes even bitter taste.

Flavour maker Lecocq Flavours has decades of experience with international flavours and the Matcha flavour is of course well known. Trending currently is Matcha ice cream combined with coconut, an absolute must. Lecocq Flavours' wide range of more than 12,000 flavours includes several coconut and Matcha flavours.

Healthy and anti-ageing

Not only does Matcha have a unique flavour, it is also a healthy seasoning. Moreover, it combats ageing. In fact, matcha helps keep skin and blood vessels more supple. Matcha tea is also high in calcium, vitamins A and C and proteins, which boost the immune system. As for Matcha ice cream; not only is it healthy, but it also has a delicious taste!