CEO Olivier Lecocq and Business partner Eveline Sticker of Lecocq Flavours want to be more responsive to ever-changing taste trends. Customers want their own distinct flavours. And that is precisely our company's core business, namely developing flavours.

Business partner Eveline Sticker: "The classic flavours remain but in addition, there are a lot of new flavours that are catching on. This is happening more and more. Ice cream with caramal sea salt is catching on, or ginger ice cream is catching on. In chocolate, too, we are seeing more out-of-the-box flavours. At Lecocq Flavours, we respond to this perfectly. That is our DNA. We are specialists in developing new flavourings, distillates and concentrates. Here, co-creation to develop flavourings and new recipes plays an important role. Innovation is in our genes. "

CEO Olivier Lecocq: "Our asset is our R&D department, but also our speed and personal approach. This allows us to make new taste preferences faster, more precisely and better according to the regulations in force. That coupled with our experience of more than 100 years AND our thousands of recipes, we can taste most trends, literally then (laughs). "